Our Theme for the Year

And so we are sent “TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.” This is our 2021 theme.

The Bible verse for this theme is Acts 13:47. “I have made you a light to the Gentiles, that you may be an instrument of salvation to the ends of the earth.”

Note that this verse actually starts with “For so the Lord has commanded us.” This is about the Great Commission, the final marching orders given by our Lord before he ascended into heaven. It is a command, not a request. It is about the very reason why Jesus came into the world. This work is about winning souls for the Kingdom. This has been our work from the very start.

We, as all Christians should be, are designed and designated by God to bring His light to the world, and indeed, as Jesus is the light of the world, we too are to be the light of the world. This necessitates our growth in holiness. Indeed, we strive for Christian perfection in this world.

Then we are God’s instruments. God tasks us to do His very own divine work. We are among those laborers called to bring in the rich harvest. Now this is the most important work of the Church, since it is all about salvation. We are instruments of salvation, which was won for all by Jesus on the cross. So we must see not just the great responsibility, but more so the great privilege.

Jesus wants all to be saved. God wants no one to be lost. The mission is to the Gentiles, but we have a particular emphasis on helping bring back the lost sheep. 99 out of 100 are lost. Many are lapsed Catholics. Many are into apostasy. The world itself is in the deep darkness of sin. So there is much work to be done. As there are many to be reached, our mission must be to the very ends of the earth.

This year is also a special year for us, as we celebrate 40 years of Missionary Families of Christ (MFC) and 10 years of the Live Christ, Live Christ (LCSC) mission. It is also the grand jubilee of 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines, the country where MFC originated, and which remains to be the center of its worldwide work.

Our Church of course is a missionary Church, and both MFC and LCSC are evangelistic and missionary. For MFC, this year is about being more solidly built on Rock, and even more grounded on our vision and mission. We look to this year as being about going forth in greater power in the Spirit of God. For LCSC, the 10 years would have been the preparation, laying the groundwork, putting everything in place, and gaining needed experience (including online evangelization), but we look to 2021 as triggering the greater thrust of mainstreaming Catholic lay evangelization throughout the Church throughout the world.

As soldiers of Christ in the Army of Mary, consecrated to the one Redeemer and to his co-Redemptrix, let us prepare ourselves for what is to come. Founded on the Rock that is Christ, let us look forward to what the Lord has already prepared for us this year.